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Sliding pallet racks


Take advantage of our vast experience and know-how.

Reference project: Sliding pallet racks / Movable racks system

Efficient use of space for optimal warehouse logistics - creates new space in the space.

The sliding rack is designed for storing pallets and large goods to meet the highest demands on the weight and size of stored goods. Each sliding rack is equipped with a modern control system. The modularly arranged concept makes it possible to assemble a movable rack according to individual wishes and needs. Sliding racks create a new space in the space by transforming inter-rack aisles into usable areas for logistics and other functions which from an economic point of view can no longer be a more optimized solution.

We at BBC Bircher Automation have supported the world's strongest supplier of in-house material flow systems in developing the second generation of sliding racks.



Special features:

  • Modular construction
  • Direct access to pallet space eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming relocation in the warehouse
  • High throughput thanks to intelligent warehousing strategies
  • Reduced operating and equipment costs due to excellent use of system space



  • B&R X20 systems components
  • B&R drive technology FU P74
  • B&R safety PLC
  • B&R HMI 5” touch display
  • Software: B&R Automation Studio