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Reference project: industrial robots by BBC Bircher Automation

Sales of industrial robots continue to rise. The robot density in Switzerland is currently 129 units per 10,000 employees, just above the global average (source:, as of 2018), and the trend is rising.

At BBC Bircher Automation we have also felt this trend over the past few years and have recently implemented some challenging projects.

Industrial robots are available in a wide variety of designs, delta robots, 5- and 6-axis robots, SCARA robots, gantry robots and many other types. Regardless of the design and area of application, a robot only brings the desired added value if it is brought to life with smart and intelligent control software.

If you are looking for these efficient and smart software solutions, you have come to the right place. Thanks to our many years of experience in automation technology and our cross-sector and cross-product know-how, we will also find the right solution for your problem.


  • Concept rotary indexing table with the use of SCARA robots for processing and placement


  • Man and robot working together


  • Switch mat test station


  • We are a proud partner
    of Siemens and B&R


Automated testing of switch mats

For the test stand, a gantry robot was chosen as an efficient variant for the automation process. It is controlled by a B&R PLC with ACOPOS servos.


Reduction of operating costs

  • Fixed costs e.g. Employee wages, vacation, illness, downtimes (breaks)
  • Energy costs (lighting, room temperature)

Product quality improvement

  • Consistent product quality (repeatability)

Improvement of working conditions

  • No monotonous work, free personnel resources for motivating activities


Equipping the work station

The gantry robot with rotating grippers, which is controlled by a B&R APC, is used to equip a wide variety of work and test stations (product testing, laser labeling, product setting, function test ...). The control took place by means of using a CNC path control. This enabled the transport routes and thus the transport speeds to be optimized, taking into account product careful handling. In addition, the use of a single robot for all transport routes saves a lot of mechanics that would normally be required in conventionally impulse-forming machines for transporting, aligning the products and placing them in the work stations.


Increase in production output

  • CNC path control increases the transport speed between the work stations considerably

Product quality improvement

  • Reduction of material waste through better quality and reproducible equipment and settings

Increase in manufacturing flexibility

  • Different product variants

Improvement of working conditions

  • Reducing possible accidents caused by working with machine tools


Cobot for product storage

The increasing use of cobots in industry does not stop at us either.

The applied cobot YuMI from ABB makes it possible to work without a separate protective space. It can be located in the work area of the employees and interact with the employees through sensors. The ABB robot controller was connected to a Siemens S7 1200 CPU.

Space savings in high quality work areas

Increase in production output

  • No interruption due to breaks, Illness, loss of concentration, or human error
  • No employee training

Your Benefit

The right robot control program for the most diverse areas of application is as follows:

  • Gluing and sealing
  • Machine equipment
  • Mounting
  • Palletizing
  • Cutting robot
  • Welding

Connection or integration in various control platforms:

  • Siemens
  • B&R
  • Beckhoff

Competent advice and support for:

  • Conception
  • Selection of suitable control components