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Manufacturing Automation

Faster, higher, further: Becoming more Efficient with Olympic spirit in mind

Increase your manufacturing productivity with off-the-shelf automation solutions from BBC Bircher Automation.

Manufacturing Automation: Solutions for Industry 4.0

Investing in a higher level of automation pays off through the increased throughput of your machines with an improved and reproducible quality of your end products. 

In this competitive, hightech environment, you can secure your position in the market long-term with increased productivity. We can offer individually developed solutions for manufacturing automation based on today’s safety demands. 

The BBC Group also successfully relies on the latest automation processes. For example, our sister company, BBC Bircher Smart Access, configures and tests around 250,000 pressure-wave switches per year using full automation.


Let your manual processes evolve into automated processes and you will see your investment refinanced through optimised production. 

Gripper System

From the design phase through to test result documentation

We accompany your automation project from the first meeting to idea conception and design through to quality assurance. We make every phase of the project transparent to you and work in close collaboration with you in delivering excellent customer service even after successful project delivery.

An off-the-shelf automation solution has, amongst other characteristics:

  • an innovative and task optimised handling system
  • it deploys RFID technology – the electronic docket for your production
  • allows vertical and horizontal system networking
  • has labelling- and tracking features: complete traceability of each individual stage of production
  • documentation of error logsverifiable quality assurance (test results) also for external inspection authorities (certificates)

Good just got Better!

With the manufacturing automation solutions developed by Bircher ProcessContol you use the resources you already have, just more efficiently:

  • greater utilisation of your machines
  • more flexibility and expansion of shift work
  • faster delivery times through increased production
  • tested, consistently good product quality
  • more safety for your employees through increased automation
  • future robust, technologically up-to-date manufacturing environment

Talk to us and increase your productivity! You can find more information about our projects on our reference page. Your challenging project is in excellent hands with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Head of Manufacturing Automation

Marc Morgenegg
Head of Manufacturing Automation

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