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Engineering Solutions and Services

Our Solutions Packages for the Success of your Project

Alongside pure engineering work in hard- and software areas, there are many project activities that cannot always be covered internally by the customer. From consultancy to feasibility analyses through to cable manufacturing within the scope of on-site commissioning. We can ensure that your project runs smoothly from A to Z drawing on more than 50 years experience in the international engineering business as well as proven professional expertise.

We offer comprehensive services for project related tasks in the areas of:

Manufacturing Automation
Increase your manufacturing productivity with off-the-shelf automation solutions from BBC Bircher Automation. Investing in a higher level of automation pays for itself through the increased throughput of your machines – with improved and reproducible quality of the end products. 

Project Management
Agile, reliable and punctual. We support you in leading and managing your project using the most current methods and tools. 

Installation / Commissioning
Safe, reliable and tested: we are happy to support you with installing and bringing your machines into operation. From cabling and testing processes through to error and acceptance protocol logging. 

Engineering Services in your Project Team
With our strong team equipped with intercultural competence, we can make resources available to you at any time whether it will be consultancy services, on-site support, coaching or training support for employees. 

We are completely product neutral in our work, simply developing solutions that best suit your needs. 

We look forward to hearing about your next project!