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12.05.2020BBC Bircher Automation, BBC GROUP

BBC Bircher Automation and Komax are adapting new technologies in Industrial Control Cabinets manufacturing

Fully automated Komax Zeta 640

BBC Bircher Automation and Komax are working together to increase the level of automation in switch cabinet manufacturing. To this end, appropriate solutions are now being demonstrated to an interested trade audience at our site in Beringen in the shed production hall.


We see one of the greatest potentials in the switch cabinet in the creation of electrical connections. With the support of Komax, we have therefore customized an automated wire assembly machine of the newest generation and installed it at our site in Beringen (CH). This Komax Zeta 640 enables us to automatically produce prefabricated stranded wire sets from up to 36 different wire types with exact source/destination designations on each wire. This machine then enables very efficient and error-free wiring in the switch cabinet at our plant in Hranice (CZ).


In order to make our processes even more efficient, we continue to rely on innovative solutions using new digital methods. As usual, customers provide us with their data in various form, which we digitize in a standardized procedure and produce the digital twin. This creates an exact image of the control cabinet and the production and wiring data is than generated automatically.

In this way the customer benefits from precise automated processes when building new automation systems - without any additional effort.


Our new video "BBC Bircher Automation Goes Digital" offers an insight into these innovative processes on our website.