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21.03.2022BBC GROUP, BBC Bircher Automation

Successful move of the Komax Zeta 640 machine to the Czech Republic

We at BBC Bircher Automation have recognised the advantages of automated cable production and are effectively putting the latest generation Komax Zeta 640 cable harnessing machine into practice. After a successful set-up phase with our cooperation partner in Beringen (CH), the time has now come to integrate the Komax Zeta 640 into its main production site at our plant in Hranice (CZ). This integration means a considerable increase in efficiency in terms of delivery time, quality and costs.


Now we can work together optimally in the production plant in Hranice (CZ). Thanks to the fact that Komax is part of the industrial cabinet production, we are now able to flexibly adapt the production process to your individual requirements with short delivery times. With the digital twin we can make the best use of Komax for cable production in prototype and series production. We can rely on efficient system packages for every production process so that we can continue to offer you the quality you are used to. Our colleagues in Beringen will focus on hardware engineering and data preparation.