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Certified Machinery Safety Expert at BBC Bircher Automation

We are pleased to announce that Matthias Schönle has completed and passed the further training and certification examination of a “Machinery Safety Expert” at a company PILZ in Mä


20th anniversary in the Czech Republic

We are proud when we look back on the past 20 years. In our video, we would like to thank our loyal customers, partners, and employees for their many years of support. We are ready for new, exciting challenges and

[Translate to French:] Virtuelle Inbetriebnahme

Win-Win through Virtual Commissioning

The virtual commissioning carried out by  BBC Bircher Automation was completed successfully.  In cooperation with the client, design data for the simulation preparation was exchanged and the PLC software

[Translate to French:] Komax Zeta

Automation in electrical control systems realized with KOMAX

We are proud to present our new video. The M1650 Tube Marking Module is a fully automated tool which marks wires by threading with a cable tube. The Module can be converted for use on different types of tubes and is


Bircher ProcessControl devient BBC Bircher Automation

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